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Nov 4, 2012 9:00am PST
. >> there's the bedevilling problem of education, without enough college graduates in math and science which has been going on for years and there seems to be no solution when you talk to heads of engineering at the colleges because they don't have enough people going into college interested in those majors. >> and we're taking all the founders out, training them, educating them, and saying please go back home. >> that's the bizarre thing. american colleges are welcoming foreigners. university of san francisco, particularly here locally, welcoming foreigners. once we've taught them all that we know we say go home. but here's the thing i don't understand is who's standing in the way of making policy change here? i think on both sides of the aisle i don't think there's the -- the political aisle. i don't think anyone would say this is a good policy. let's continue to educate engineers. >> one might agree they have everything in common. >> not my children. >> this is what our politicians are doing. they're fighting each other. the democrats and republicans both agree we want these skilled
Oct 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
employees. stem, science technology, engineering and math back grounds are absolutely essential. immigration is a huge issue. i hope in the next congress that we'll be able to take kind of one step at a time if we can't do comprehensive which i'm for comprehensive immigration reform that we deal with stem and that we allow employers to take a green card stapled to degrees so that we can fill out the workforce and patent reform is very important. i was told by the small -- it is a disaster that 40% -- they told me 40% of the lawsuits are around the issue of trolling. >> when you talk to people especially people who don't have that power, i think a lot of startup people ignore washington because they feel like they can't get anything done like it is ineffective and they shouldn't try. >> that's one way for someone to look at it. i think that representation makes a difference. so as i said, they can't travel across the country to the largest legislative body but i'm here and i go to them. so that's a very important message. again, as i said, i invited the republican chairman of the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2